Sustainable living tours of Hockerton Housing Project

Sustainable living tours of Hockerton Housing Project

Sustainable living tour of Hockerton Housing Project

Intrigued by what an earth-sheltered home might look, or feel like, inside? Or wanting an overview of what it is to live sustainably?

Join one of our small group tours, which are led by a resident of the project on six Saturdays a year to give you a personal view on what it’s like to live in this sustainable co-housing project.

This tour includes a guided walk around the site to learn about our food, water and renewable energy systems, a tour of one of the homes, and a presentation on the challenges faced during the build, and subsequent development, of the project.

It is ideal for:

  • People seeking a more sustainable personal lifestyle
  • Undergraduate students
  • Environmental and energy campaigners
  • Other organisations with an interest in environmental issues, including climate change mitigation and adaptation

If you have a large group please contact us about a group tour.

The next dates are:

  • Saturday 22nd May at 2pm
  • Saturday 19th June at 2pm
  • Saturday 11th September at 2pm
  • Saturday 2nd October at 2pm
  • Saturday 6th November at 2pm

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