Green Quarter Update, Video and Responses

Green Quarter Update, Video and Responses

Following the January launch event for the Green Quarter we are now collaborating with the organisations who are behind other great and substantial submissions to the Big Conversation, namely the Wildlife Trust and Lib Dems/ Green Party. We look forward to where this might lead us.

It is important to note the context behind what has already been delivered. The council reached out to engage everyone in their ideas about what should done with the Broadmarsh area. A group of us got together and called ourselves the Green Quarter, including members of Green Food Partnership, Nottingham Cohousing. What we presented at the launch event was our visualisation of what could be achieved in this important sector of the city. With the phenomenal support and response to these ideas, we are confident that the decision makers will listen and respond positively.

The original presentation launched for you to to view…..Green Quarter Launch Presentation

We are sharing with you the video of the launch event …… Green Quarter Launch Event Video

We also had some great responses, the detail of which is here….Green Quarter Launch Responses

Summary of the Responses to the Green Quarter presentation

This presentation was well received and seen as visionary by many of the respondents, who recognised it had been put together in a short time.

What was particularly liked was the focus on green in both the experience of the environment, as well as helping the planet. The mixed use aspect was also appreciated getting the integration of green with commercial and retention/ reintroduction of the history. People at the centre was a positive, the cohousing, independent businesses, training and space for live work and play.

Things to consider/ address are:

  • Include diverse communities at the outset
  • More focus on family/ children friendly areas
  • The existing empty offices and retail units – do we need more, and empty independent units in Sneinton.
  • More green – Landscaping, emphasis on plant based diet, transport
  • More attractions/ focus on tourism
  • More flexibility – for future uses, to accommodate different activities/ events
  • Realistic financials and more detail
  • Collaboration with other groups is key.

This last point is already being put into action……. watch this space.